Every Month Day Trip to

Verde Island & Puerto Galera.

Join the Tech Expedition!

Departure from Anilao: AquaTech/aquaVenture Sunday at 7.30am
Back at AquaTech/aquaVenture at 4.30 to 5.00pm

Advanced OW & Nitrox Diver or better: Advanced Nitrox Diver.

Price: 4,500.00peso per Person (min 3 pax, max 5 pax)


  • Instructor/Guide
  • 3 Nitrox Tanks
  • Boat for the whole trip.

Plan 500peso for your Lunch & drink. We can provide Deco Tank 50% for 350.00peso/pp

Interested? register Here for Booking!: daniel.burgaud@gmail.com

AquaTech-Divers Inc.


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