Who is AquaTech-Divers?

Aqua is the water surrounding the Philippines!
Aqua is Filipina like Mabel! Tech is the shortcut for Technical and Daniel is a French Diver who went all the way from Open Water to Technical diving.(Its really short cut!!) He loves Technical Diving very much that he even stop his nice Job as a Dental Technician to become Full Time Technical Instructor Trainer!

Mabel & Daniel joined Forces and built AquaTech-Divers in 1998. Aquatech dedication is to help each Diver to become a better Tech-Diver

At Aquatech-Divers we break Tech Diving in 3 steps:

  • Tech 1: You learn Nitrox .
  • Tech 2: You learn Advanced Nitrox & deco Procedures.
You learn also Advanced Wreck if you want too.
  • Tech 3: You learn Extended Ranges, Trimix & Advanced Trimix.

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AquaTech-Divers Inc.


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