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What you should know before buying your own equipment!

Read this! you will be able to buy wisely

and save money. Does not matter if you are

Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver or confirmed

Technical Diver using double tanks and ponies.

From Daniel Burgaud
August 30, 2012

You are already Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver
or even considering to be a Technical Diver!
Wants to buy new equipment?

Your problem has just started!
You want the perfect equipments suitable for your needs.
Local dive Shops selling different brands with many features...
You are confuse!! Then you need some technical advice.

Let me introduce myself!
I'm French living in Philippines.I Started diving in 1994
And went all the way to Technical Diver Trimix. In 1998
I became IANTD Instructor. In February 1999, with my
friend, Gabor Koos, we did the deepest dive in the Philippines
at 150m (500 feet), in Puerto Galera.

I became Padi and DSAT Tec-Trimix Instructor in 2002.
I did crossover to SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer in 2005.
Until now, I have certified around 1000 students and 70
Instructors from the Philippines, Korea and Hong Kong.
With the help of Mabel, my Super lovely wife,
Dive Master, and manager, we opened a company:
AquaTech-Divers Philippines Inc. in 1998 for the
purpose of selling equipments to our divers and friends.

So, believe me, in term of Technical advices,

I know what I'm talking about!

Fact: Let's face it!
Out of 10 products you will see in the market,
only 1 is really good... "but how I will I know which
one is good for me!"
That's why Aquatech is there to simplify
complicated ideas that are bothering you.

  • We only sell what is good and tested by us!
  • We created our own "db" Backplate and "db" Single
    Tank Adapter, also tested by us!

We are K.I.S.S. LOVER!

K.I.S.S. stand for: Keep It So Simple...

Our concept, widely accepted today is...From OPEN WATER DIVER,
you could start using Your "db"-BACKPLATE with any WING!
does not matter what level you actually are!...and ENJOY DIVING!

Advantages of the "db" Backplate w/ Harness or Transplate

  • Lifetime Warranty:
Yes! our Stainless Steel "db" Backplate is unbreakable!
you may have to change your Harness after 5 to 10 years
depending of your activity.
  • You don't need weight or very little!
Depending on your usual need. we designed our Backplate to be
lighter than the standard Stainless Steel Backplate.
  • Our Harness fit all size
Transplate small (XS,S,M) or Large (M,L,XL) and the Harness is
easily customizable, The Transplate is very comfortable onward.
Your Harness once adjusted will fit you very well for all of your
diving need, but not as comfortable as the Transplate.
  • Perfect position underwater!
You're automatically streamlined underwater thanks to the
"db" BACKPLATE and the WING at you dorsal who maintain you,
horizontally so you're naturally in perfect position to go
the beginner will have no more the tendency of
"yoyoting underwater" thanks to his better positionment!
  • You save money!
If you want to upgrade for Double tank configuration
for example You keep your Backplate setup and you choose
between Trek Wing, Rec Wing or Classic Wing.
As simple as that! you don't have to buy a new set and
your configuration remind the same. Just change wings and

How Do I choose my "db" Package Backplate/Harness/Wings?

  • 1). Select your "db" Backplate: with Basic or Transplate Harness

"db" Backplate w/ Basic Harness:

Very Basic, only what you need
however not very comfortable and
hard to remove if well adjusted.

"db" Backplate w/ Transplate:

Very comfortable and very easy to adjust.

  • 2). Select your Wing: for single or double tank or for both!

  • 3). Add the Single Tank Adapter if needed!

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Single Tank Adapter:
With 2 Tank Band straps to hold
the tank tightly.

4 different options, to fit your need

  • 1). Traveler Package:
Aluminum Backplate with Basic Harness,(you may
upgrade to Transplate), w/ a Travel Wing or venture Wing.
Perfect for Diver using Single Tank, and very Light.
This is the configuration of choice when you have to fly
to go diving!
"db" Backplate Weight: 2,7kg Lift capacity of Travel Wing: 20kg.
  • 2). Adventurer Package:
"db" Backplate, the lightest on the market: 2.7kg only,
with a Transplate black or red. The Transplate is so
comfortable and so easy to adjust that if you try it,
the Trek Wing or the Rec Wing. Both come in black or red.
Since these 2 Wings can handle Single Tank and Double Tanks,
you need as well the "db" Single Tank Adapter. Then you can
alternate Recreational & Technical diving! Your choice!
Weight: 4.0kg, Lift Capacity: Trek:25kg, Rec:30kg.
  • 3). Caver Package:
Not so many cave in the Philippines, but if you like to dive
the caves of the Yucatan or Florida like i did in 1999, you
better choose the New Classic Wing 360, your "db" Backplate w/ Basic
Harness if you like the hard way of GUE or with
a Transplate if you like to be comfortable with your Harness.
  • 4). eXtreme Wreck Package:
"db" Backplate/Transplate with a Rec Wing,for those who dive
in tough condition in deep wreck or so, This is one of my favorite
a Trimix course. When you are deep below, that ease your mind
to know you have it. I also dive single Tank with it sometime.

And Remember...

  • DIVE RITE Equipments are 1 YEAR GUARANTEED!
  • So, no risk and you benefit from our best set-up!
  • Daniel BURGAUD is a Full Time TECHNICAL
If you still hesitate, please, ASK HIS ADVICE!

Aquatech-Divers Inc.


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